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. . . the best little hometown in the Army, and home of the 2005 DoDDS Europe Division III High School football champions and 2006 DoDDS Europe Division III High School Track and Boys Soccer Champions.


Nestled in the hills of the Bavarian Upper Palatinate, our location combines the advantages of small village Bavarian living with easy access to the major German cities of Regensburg and Nürnberg.


Our unparalleled access to training with multinational forces and an outstanding quality of life combine to make Hohenfels an assignment destination of choice.

The Surrounding Community

Hohenfels Training Area is part of the county of Neumarkt/Opf (Upper Palatinate) which runs from Amberg down to the Danube. Two thirds of the area is assigned to the municipality of Hohenfels and one third to the town of Velburg. The training area totals approximately 163 square kilometers or 40,000 acres.


Area map of HohenfelsSome of the characteristic features of this terrain are the deeply cut valleys intersecting large areas, which are also to be found in other parts of the Upper Palatinate Jura range. The features of the Jura are hilly terrain with rounded rock formations, mixed coniferous and deciduous forests, dry valleys and a general scarcity of water resources. A terrain of low fertility, often covered with eroded rock and limestone help explain the sparse population of the area. Hohenfels is literally translated as "high rock", taking its name from the stone formations prevalent in the area.


The garrison is surrounded by charming towns like Amberg and Neumarkt, and smaller towns like Velburg and Parsberg -- many with good restaurants. It is located about 1-1/2 hours from Munich and midway between the cities of Nuremberg and Regensburg which offer much to see and enjoy.


From the Regensburg webpage:
The "northernmost Italian city" is not only characterized by the architecture that noticeably relates it to the South of Europe, but also its extraordinary attitude toward life. Urban living in its true form not only influences long-time residents, but also the many newcomers from all over Germany.

You can feel it day and night, at work and at play!
A historical substance without equal in Germany, with a close Old Town area on the Danube, flourishing cultural life and a proximity to nature, coupled with the best investment opportunities and a wealth of employment positions, along with a reasonable cost of living, all make Regensburg irresistible for anyone "careless" enough to come to our city.


From the Nuremberg webpage:
Nuremberg offers visitors all sorts of surprises. For one, Nuremberg is a large modern city with half a million inhabitants, the core city of a European metropolitan region and Bavaria's second economic center. For another, so much of Nuremberg's history can be seen and experienced, unlike other comparable locations in Germany. A visit to Nuremberg is always a journey to two different worlds that are delightfully intermeshed with one another.

History allows you to a rendezvous with Nuremberg. Architecture, museums, art treasures and a perceptible flair keep the past alive.

In no other German metropolis can you find so many traces of medieval and modern (from the 16th century!) art and culture.